Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and some odds and ends...

The last few months have been jam packed with holidays, end of semester and start of new semester craziness, and sickness that brought my entire extended family to their knees, including me (I haven't been seriously ill since 2009!).

I've had a few recent commissions that I wanted to share.  Here's the first twin set I created which happens to coincide with Dr. Suess's birthday.  These went to some very special babies in New Hampshire.

And here is a newborn version of my Girly Penguin Earflap hat that headed up to Massachusetts on Monday.
 Here is the hat for the hippest baby on the block.  If there are any teenagers in your life, you'll recognize that these are my spin on Beats headphones which are quite the status symbol!  One of my students commission and helped me design this hat for her cousin!  Oh, and its not my dyslexia kicking in, the "b" is upside down because these were made for a little guy named Patrick, so we swapped the "b" for a "p" to personalize them.
  Lastly (which I failed to notice until today due to the crazy month I had in February), Kate Nesi has some of my work featured on a little guy in her blog.