Friday, September 14, 2012

Penny's Hat

This beautiful little girl's mommy commissioned a hat for her and left me a lot leeway for artistic discretion.  The mission: create a hat with a deep red flower with an off white/creamy tan for the main body.  I am quite happy with how this turned out!  In additon, my little man was excited that he didn't have to model this one (don't let the gorgeous blue eyes fool you, it's not my son in the picture).
First things first--go get some wool.  Michael's is great because they have a teacher discount you can use (well if you're a teacher) along with their rewards.  15% off makes a difference.  This hat is made of my favorite yarn, which just happened to be on sale, Vanna's Choice.  It is soft but sturdy. 
Previously all the hats I'd made like this had three colors.  Threes just seem to look more complete.  I love purple, so first I tried adding a purple in there.  Though I liked it, I suddenly panicked, wondering, "What if she hates purple?"  I adore purple by I have a friend who absolutely hates it.  Hoping that Becky liked purple would not suffice, I had to make another hat just in case purple was the bane of her existence! 

Pic the hubby took of the hat with purple. We've got a bet going, he thinks he can sell it faster than I can!


This time only the colors specifically mentioned would be used. I modified the pattern a bit so there would only be two rows of color. The thinner band of color achieved a more feminine look.
Then lightning stuck!  A little light bulb went off when I had the idea to add green leaves. I created a simple leaf pattern (which will be shared on this blog for free very soon). Isn't it perfect!  If I ever am blessed with a baby girl, you can bet this will be the first hat I make her.
Penny presented a special challenge because her head is a little bigger than average (although no one would ever notice, her mommy told me she has a tough time getting some shirts over her head).  A simple sizing adjustment was made by adding one stitch to the very first round and as you can see, it fits perfectly!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Very Own Etsy Shop

Yikes!!  I finally did it!  I've been toying with this idea for a while now.  After posting pictures of what I've crocheted on facebook and getting over 15 orders this year just through that, I've made it offical.  I'm in business!!

Sorry there were way too many exclaimation marks in that opening, but I am pretty excited.  I want to get this blog in ship shape when I have time off from my teaching and mommy duties.  I hope to share some patterns, pictures of new creations, precious memories, tips, and words of wisdom.  There are a lot of ideas I'm playing around with so please stay tuned to see how this turns out. 

For now I'd love for you to "Like" my facebook page​ErmasInspiration

And checkout my Etsy Shop Erma's Inspiration.

And just for your viewing pleasure, here's my unhappy model.